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Oak Hill School


Welcome to the English department, where we support the continued development of all students’ literacy skills, promote a culture of reading, and prepare all students for achieving a meaningful qualification in English.


The main aim of the English department is to ensure that all learners’ literacy skills enable them to access the wider world around us and to prepare them for college and work in the future. We enjoy reading a range of texts, spanning various literary eras, as well as using film to support understanding further.


With a qualification in English, it is possible to have a career like a:


  1. Journalist
  2. Blogger
  3. Editor
  4. Advertising copy writer, copy editor
  5. PR executive for brands/media
  6. Teacher/lecturer
  7. Critic – of books, film, music etc.
  8. Song writer
  9. Writer – author, poet
  10. Social media manager