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Oak Hill School

AP Barnet Multi Academy Trust - Finance and Governance

A P Barnet Multi Academy Trust is an exempt charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 1st May 2017 with Oak Hill School as the first school to join. Oak Hill School receives funding from the Educational Funding Agency, the London Borough of Barnet and other Local Authorities who take up placements for pupils. 

Registered Company No. is 10711125


Mr Robin Archibald - Head, Broadfields School (Appointed 1.5.2017)

Mr Andy Stainton - Head, Mill Hill County High School (Appointed 1.9.2019)

Ms Violet Walker - Head, Queen Elizabeth's Girls School (Appointed 1.5.2017)


Mr Geoffrey Thompson - Head, Mill Hill County High School.  (Appointed 1.5.2017.  Resigned 31.8.2019)


Mr Nick Christou (Appointed 1.5.2017)

Mrs Joanne Kelly, Executive Head - Head, Pavilion Study Centre (Appointed 1.5.2017)

Dr Rhona Povey - Head, Hendon School (Appointed 1.9.2018)


Dr Barley Birney (Appointed 1.9.21)

Mrs Rayna Paw (Appointed 27.6.23)

Ms Fiona Facey (Appointed 27.2.24)



Ms Marina Costa (Appointed 11.2.22, resigned 30.6.23)

Mr Robin Archibald (Appointed 1.5.2017, resigned 30.6.2023)

Ms Ciara Plunkett  (Appointed 3.7.2018, resigned 2.7.22)

Ms Elaine Runswick (Appointed 3.7.2018, resigned 31.8.21)

Ms Deborah Metcalf - Head, Danegrove School  (Appointed 1.5.2017, resigned 31.8.21)

Ms Angela Trigg (appointed 1.5.2017, resigned 1.9.2019)

Ms Stephanie Vergnaud (appointed 1.5.201, resigned 31.8.2019)

Ms Lynda Walker - Head, Oak Lodge School (Appointed 1.5.2017, resigned 11.3.24)

Resources and Risk Committee

Ms Joanne Kelly

Mr Nick Christou

Mrs Nicola Baker (CFO)

Mr Kevin Grant (AO)