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    • Tuesday 21st May  - Science Exam (Red & Blue)
    • Wednesday 22nd May  - ICT Exam (Blue)
    • Thursday 23rd May  - GCSE English Exam (Blue)
    • Monday 3rd June  - GCSE Maths Exam (Blue)
    • Thursday 6th June  - GCSE English Exam (Blue)
    • Monday 10th June  - GCSE Maths Exam (Blue)





    • Tuesdays 22nd May - Bowling 
    • Tuesdays 16th July - Science Museum 

Word of the Week


    • Defibrillator: a machine that uses an electric current to make someone's heart beat in a normal, regular way when it has stopped doing this eg. We have a defibrillator in school in case of emergency.


Quote of the Week