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Oak Hill School

Oak Hill Times

The latest information regarding Oak Hill School.

Spring Term Dates 2024

End of Term:  Thursday 28th March 2024

New SAM Learning

Sam Learning is being introduced and will be the new way the school sets homework. Login details for all students and parents/guardians will be forwarded in the near future.


Stop! Think Fraud.


  • The ESFA is proud to support the government’s new National Campaign Against Fraud.


It has never been more important to know how to protect yourself against, and how to recognise attempts to defraud you and your school. Fraud is getting more sophisticated.


Fraud is the most common crime in the UK, accounting for almost 40% of all crime in England and Wales. Across just one year, 1 in 17 people in England and Wales were victims of fraud.


Word of the Week


Amalgamate: to join together or unite, or to cause to join together eg. The two schools amalgamated to combine their facilities and staff.