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Summer Term Dates 2023



Half Term: Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June 2023

End of Term:  Wednesday 19th July 2023




Please note the detailed timetable for invigilation which will be displayed in the staffroom shortly before each exam. There will be further exams to follow.


  • Monday 15th May - English Exam (Green)
  • Wednesday 17th May - English Exam (Blue)
  • Thursday 18th May -ICT Exam (Blue)
  • Friday 5th May - Maths GCSE Exam (Green)
  • Wednesday 7th June - Maths GCSE Exam (Green)
  • Wednesday 14th June - Maths GCSE Exam (Green)



  • Tuesday 16th May - London Dungeon (CS)
  • Tuesday 6th June - Thorpe Park Year 11 (FG)
  • Tuesday 13th June - Able To Travel Workshop (WH)
  • Tuesday 20th June - Inflatanation (LA & MH)
  • Wednesday 14th June - Woburn Safari Park (BR)
  • Friday 16th June - Paint The Town (CS)

Word of the Week


Influence: the ability to have an effect on someone eg. Jaylah can be a positive influence on her friends.







Date set:

Friday the…

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

12th May

English, PE


19th May

Science, Home Skills

Blue/Green DT OR

Blue/Green Food